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Well, now we’ve gone and done it.

Upon advice that turned out to be really, really bad, we re-re-re-launched the AAATEE T Shirt Store on one of the fastest growing and most popular online shopping sites — Etsy! Well… Um… Er…


It turned out to be a bad idea. In fact, a really bad idea. Basically, it was a total flop! Damnit.

But the GREAT NEWS is that we’ve got our Shopify store up and running (finally, after many agonizing fits and starts), and it’s ready for action. What this means for us and for you is that you can shop AAATEE without having to be an Etsy user or sign up to be one. In fact, our Shopify store is right here, on Yay!

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Now Etsy fans, don’t take this the wrong way, ’cause Etsy is a cool site. We hope to turn things around there in the near future. But we’ve come to the conclusion that re-re-re-launching the AAATEE T Shirt Store there was simply not phi beta kappa — hindsight being 20-20, after all. We learned that hard-hitting political tees, heretical threads, whimsical high-brow humor and badass pop-culture merch is not really all that called for on a site where folks (mostly women) go to shop for hand made brooches and vintage tea cozies.

Would that we did “World’s Best Grampa” and “I’m With Stupid” t shirts; we’d probably do just fine…

Actually, we’re going to do some of those more “mainstream” kinda tees. Every t shirt store should have some of those, because not every visitor is an aficionado of cutting-edge snark. To that end, we just did one that’s cool and funny and suitable even for Grandma: Give Me CHOCO! You should check it out.So while we’re not going to abandon our Etsy store (we’ve got way too much sweat equity invested over there at this point), we have decided to take the plunge and join the Shopify revolution. Now, as usual, we’re a day late and a dolla short for that party. Shopify took off several years ago and while we heard about it, we didn’t DO anything about it. Till now. Sigh.

It turns out that not only does Shopify give us much more control over our own t shirt store, it also gives us relatively easy entre to other great retail sales channels, like Wanelo and even — gasp — Amazon. Yeah, Ama-freakin’-zon.

**Don’t even get us started about our abysmal experience(s) with Amazon Merch; the good news is, Amazon Marketplace is a different thing entirely.**

Getting to where we’re at now has been a real bear, I don’t mind telling you. Porting the ol’ Etsy store to Shopify was supposed to be one of those, as Daddy used to say, “simple lil jobs”. Well, like Daddy also used to say, it ended up costing three times as much and taking three times as long! At least! Using Etsify (the absolute best product of it’s kind), was billed as “push button simple”. It should have only taken the software a few hours to copy everything across which otherwise would have had to be done the much slower and more cumbersome way, via spreadsheet download/upload — or worse yet, entirely by hand.

**Just the thought of having to re-create our Etsy store listings on Shopify by hand, manually, was positively disheartening and enervating. No. Strike that. It had us contemplating suicide!**

With Etsify, it was going to be, to quote The Donald, as easy as “Bing Bong, Bing Bing Bong!” Uh… Well… Again…


Not so much.

Poor Etsify blew up, due to no fault of it’s own. It’s just that we, as usual when it comes to software, managed to be the alpha sigma, outlier case that broke the software. Other “solutions” didn’t work either. Fortunately, the good folks at Etsify were able to figure out what the problem was and fix it. Once the underlying reason for the FAIL was addressed, the transfer of our old shirts went smoothly. It just took weeks of back and forth, aggravation and waiting for things to get to the point they actually did work “at the push of a button.”

Of course, we could have manually re-created every one of those listings in the time it took to fight all the software battles, but so it goes. 🙁

Unfortunately, despite all that had gone before, we still weren’t out of the woods even with the transfer. As we soon learned, moving the digital contents of the store from Etsy to Shopify was only half the battle. Or maybe a third. Or probably a quarter. Shopify itself required all kinds of work, just as Etsy did once upon a time, to customize it to fit our our needs. Gah!

The overall lesson learned here? Momma, don’t let your children grow up to be t shirt store empresarios!

Just getting the damn on Etsy store “stocked up,” much less functioning properly and capable of transacting business, was a damn daunting task. Unfortunately, the Shopify setup was just as brutal and time consuming. Yikes! Double yikes!!

Anyway, we did it — finally. It nearly killed us. Seriously. But the doors are now open for business. Yours, we hope.

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