AAATEE Returns – Funny T Shirts for Men

As some of you know, we re-re-re-rebooted AAA TEE at the tail end of last year (2017). This entailed an ENORMOUS amount of work — between designing new graphic tees, setting up our Etsy store and beginning the first phases of promotion across the web. All of these tasks are huge in and of themselves, and massive time sucks. So much so that — combined with various and sundry headaches, tech problems and delays — we entirely missed the biggest shopping season of the year.

funny t shirts for men - happy holidaze teeI know, I know. Boo-freakin’-hoo. 

But trust me, it really did suck. Big time. Bigly time. YOUGE TIME.

The point is, getting to the point we could publish a freakin’ “lil blog” required a large amount of re-tooling, testing and grunt work. Yeah, things have changed that much in just the last few years. In fact it’s all changed enough that we pretty much had to scrap the old site entirely and start over. It may look much the same on the outside, but the interior is mostly new and it’s got powerful new stuff under the hood. So, this is a long way to go to say… it’s taken A LOT longer than we would have liked to get the ol’ blog up and running.

Not that anybody else cares. But them’s the breaks.

The plan now is to post our new t shirt designs here as we roll them out. We’re also going to play catch-up with the current models which are available, and get them into this feed, too.

As for future plans, please be sure to get on the AAATEE list. Right now, you can do that on the homepage.

Being on the list automatically puts you in the running for the SWAGAWAY SWEEPSTAKES — in which you can win free tees without lifting a finger. Pretty cool, huh? The list is used for this and site news. That’s it. You’ll get no spam from us.

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More On (NOT “Moron”) Funny T Shirts for Men & Women


funny t shirts for men - McChrist atheist agnostic secular tee

We may even re-launch our hit line of popular sayings t-shirts, which were killed by a certain YOUGE and ubiquitous online retailer for (IMHO) very dubious reasons. Mainly, if we’re right, they did it out of what can be characterized as an astonishing display of moral and commercial cowardice. The company in question would probably prefer we say it did so out of an “abundance of caution” — and this may even be the case — but it certainly killed our momentum a few years back and killed our ability to deliver funny t shirts for men, women and children at the time — which, in effect, killed the business itself.

Pray (ahem) it doesn’t happen again.

To say this slap down was a mega-reversal would be an understatement, but it taught us (or rather, I should say, reinforced for us) the lesson that you simply can’t count on anybody else. Certainly not Big Faceless Megacorp™. No sirree bob. Nah ah. Not when the life of your business is on the line. So, to the extent we can, we’re going to diversify our operation here and not be “single point vulnerable” as we were then. If you can’t find the funny t shirts for men (and everyone else) we’re sellin’, then what’s the freakin’ point?

funny t shirts for men - MADE-A-DEAL-WITH-THE-DEVIL satanic demonic lucifer graphic teeThis is why we’re focusing on Etsy for right now and plan on building out our own storefront here (eventually), so we can continue to provide our designs without anybody else being able to say “Boo!” — or pulling the rug out from under our feet. Still, so long as all eggs and our entire t shirt business do not fall into the callous, uncaring hands or basket of Faceless Megacorp Inc.™ once again, we should be OK. And when appropriate and viable, we’ll still happily take advantage of the traffic and exposure it can provide.

In the meantime, thanks for coming by. I hope you’ll do so again soon.

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