Anti Trump T Shirts – CADET BONE SPURS

Anti Trump T Shirts - CADET BONESPURS - Mocks Donald Trump - Funny Political Shirts

Anti Trump t shirts. We’ve been on a tear recently, creating a whole series of shirts about The Donald, the man who is already being called the worst president in U.S. history, only one year into his administration. But lest you think it’s just us and we’re simply “haters,” consider this: Two political scientists surveyed experts and academics from all ends of the political spectrum, and the results were startlingly uniform:

cadet bone spurs anti trump t shirt tammy duckworth white houseAccording to the survey, Democratic scholars rank Trump dead last among all presidents, while Republican scholars rank him ahead of only Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and William Henry Harrison — the president who infamously died after only one month on the job. Independent scholars, meanwhile, ranked Trump only ahead of Buchanan, whose presidency set the stage for the American Civil War.

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The opprobrium is coming not just from “eggheads” and hard left critics of the man and his farcical administration. It’s literally coming from all sides. Even (in)famous arch-conservative pundit George F. Will opined:

“The 45th president planted an exclamation point punctuating a year of hitherto unplumbed presidential depths. He completed his remarkably swift — it has taken less than 11 months — rescue of the 17th, Andrew Johnson, from the ignominy of ranking as the nation’s worst president.”

Historically, it’s been a rather unusual thing for us to be on the same page as Will. But then again, as the Republican Party fragments and falls apart due to internal divisions and the rank hypocrisy, incompetence and maleficence of the man they continue to stand with, men of rationality, integrity and honor — despite their political affiliations — take reasoned positions against the madness that is TrumpCo. Props to Mr. Will.

As it happens, we here at AAATEE are of the opinion that not only is Donald Trump the worst president ever, he’s not even a full one-termer. We think he won’t finish out his first one! But time will tell, and the damage he will have done by the time he’s left could be nothing less than catastrophic. Katy bar the door!

“Cadet Bone Spurs” is our take on Senator Tammy Duckworth’s recent rebuke of POTUS. It’s just one of our growing line of anti Trump t shirts, which we think will be of interest to all “trump fans” (ahem).

Following his much lambasted state of the union speech and his tweet that Democrats who did not stand and cheer for him were “treasonous,” Duckworth had had enough. Her comeback — intentionally in the vein of Trump’s boorish schoolboy behavior — coined a new term and added an appropriately insulting nickname to the list of pejoratives the rest of us know The Donald by. It was just asking to be added to our list of anti Trump t shirts.

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