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anti trump t shirts - fire and fury - grab em - cadet bonespurs

Want Anti Trump t shirts? Well, we got ’em! Just look. And more are coming all the time. Frankly, if we tried to do a new tee every time Donald J Trump, the “chaos president” (as per Jeb Bush), said or did something worthy of it’s own shirt, we’d be doing nothing but. 

As for Trump, he is everything his critics (like us) expected — and more. And worse. Considering how low the bar was that he set for himself during his farcical presidential campaign, we knew his term was going to be disastrous from the get go. We just didn’t know it would be this bad.

anti Trump t shirts FIRE and FURY black

FIRE AND FURY – Anti Trump T Shirt

anti Trump t shirts CADET BONESPURS gray

CADET BONESPURS – Anti Trump T Shirt

Our biggest disappointment (as Americans and, in some cases, one-time Republicans) is that the GOP, the Party of Lincoln, once composed of at least a few rational adults, is not just doing nothing while he burns down American tradition, history, reputation, prestige, the the White House, D.C., and possibly the entire nation — it’s actually aiding, abetting and yes, colluding, in POTUS’ appalling and destructive behavior.  It’s all a terrible disgrace and blight on the country — just like The Donald is. 

anti Trump t shirts GROPE red

GROPE – Anti Trump T Shirt

anti Trump t shirts TRUMPS BRAIN light blue

TRUMPS-BRAIN – Anti Trump T Shirt

For comics, columnists and t-shirt designers, Trump is truly the “gift” that keeps on giving. Our anti Trump t shirts document some of the more outrageous and appalling actions and statements of forty-fifth President of the United States. Meanwhile, the regressive and reprobate GOP continues to support, defend and even boost the “f’n moron” (according to former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson) in the White House…

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Top comedians (like Stephen Colbert) said Trump would be great in one way: he’d provide endless fodder for political humor, even if that comes by way of national shame, embarrassment and humiliation – not to mention danger to life, limb and national security. And this is all true. POTUS certainly does provide t-shirt designers daily inspiration. Heck, sometimes hourly!

It’s never a problem coming up with funny, potentially offensive, over-the-top anti Trump t shirts! The problem is with keeping up with the deluge of tweets, lies and utter insanity, and then distilling all the madness down to shirts that encapsulate the Reign of Trump, aka Twitler, aka Conman in Chief. 

Even us GOP haters do not necessarily love the same mainstream media Trump frequently rails against (“Fake News!” “Witch Hunt!” “Failing CNN, NYT, Wapo, etc.”), but the non-stop Trumpian barrage of incompetence and malfeasance is enough to make use feel sorry for the honest news hounds out there (which fortunately is most of them, imposed limitations and Faux Newz notwithstanding). 

Seriously, though, we’re all reaching total saturation and complete meltdown point. Our poor artist (the inimitable Mann) is in thorough overwhelm. How can anyone be expected to stay current on the runaway, out of control lunacy that is President Donald J Trump?

You can help support our efforts, though. Hint, hint. 😉

You can find our anti Trump t shirts here, on our own, in-house Shopify store and on our Etsy store, if you prefer that platform. We’ll soon be on Amazon, too.

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