BREAKING BAD T Shirts – 10th Anniversary Celebration Tees

breaking bad t shirts - better call saul

The show ended five years ago (and just had it’s ten year anniversary as this “goes to press”), but Breaking Bad t shirts are still popular. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve come up with some badass new graphic designs recently, and if we can figure out how to do it sensibly, we’re going to pull our popular Walter White/Heisenberg designs out of digital mothballs and see if we can’t make ’em available again. What do you think? Want to see more? Want some vintage Breaking Bad goodness?

Breaking Bad T Shirts I BROKE BAD


Breaking Bad T Shirts BREAKING WIND


This all came about because we recently binge watched the entire series again on Netflix. Funny thing is, we didn’t intend to. The idea was, something along these lines: “Let’s watch a few of those great episodes again, and see if there’s anything we missed that would make great tee shirts for the 10th year anniversary.”

Breaking Bad T Shirts BREAKING GOOD Red


Better Call Saul T Shirts CHICAGO SUNROOF Black


Well, perhaps needless to say, we saw about 1000 things that would make great t shirts! Unfortunately, many of them would be so obscure we’d be lucky to sell 5, much less 500! And as much as we love to create the best and most badass designs for fairly obscure stuff (Chicago Sunroof t shirt, for example), the objective of being in business is not so much to achieve a high level of artistic satisfaction as turn a buck. The dream is to do both, of course. But the cold, hard reality is that amusing in-joke designs, no matter how well done, don’t tend to pay the rent…

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In fact, these days, making Breaking Bad t shirts — no matter how cool — won’t exactly make you rich, either. “Not much call for that around here,” is the Monty Python line (Cheese Shop sketch) that comes to mind.

That being said, we found ourselves watching the entirety of the show, all five seasons, in a few weeks time. Speaking for myself (T Shirt Guy), having never seen the show front to back (I was one of those latecomers to Breaking Bad, having found out about the show mid season 3), it was a real treat to see in sequence, the way it was intended to be seen. I even managed to catch a few episodes (and pieces of episodes) that I missed back in the day, when I’d desperately wait for AMC to run show marathons. It was glorious, and I didn’t want it to end.


We’re not normally ones to re-watch a series, but seeing Breaking Bad all the way through, front to back, was epic! And not having to wait weeks (or months) for a new episode was dope, I don’t mind telling you. I had so much fun, I may do it again some time. I don’t know whether that says I’m a hopeless Breaking Bad geek, or just how bad most other TV shows are in comparison.

So… anyway… we’re proud to present our Breaking Bad t shirts, inspired by the greatest drama/dark comedy show ever to grace our TV screens, big or small. We hope you like ’em too.

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