CHICAGO SUNROOF T Shirt – Funny “Better Call Saul” Graphic Tee

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“Chicago Sunroof”: the vile, infamous and let us hope entirely fictional act in question involves climbing atop an automobile, dropping one’s trousers, dropping one’s butt over the open sunroof, and proceeding to drop a…

Well, I think we can all imagine the rest. We don’t need to spell it out, do we? If in doubt, please see our t shirt of the same name (shown here) for clarification. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we’d rather not say them.

Chicago Sunroof T Shirt - Better Call Saul tee - black

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Chicago Sunroof T Shirt - Better Call Saul tee - white

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When Saul Goodman explained, in his inimitable stye, what a Chicago Sunroof was, and how he’d nearly been convicted as a sex offender because of it, he had our attention. It was quite a story, and it drew a bead on the man’s character.

Summing up, he said: “The guy wanted some soft serve. I gave him some soft serve…” This sardonic remark cemented the whole thing as one of the most memorable scenes ever in a TV show. And considering that it all came from the minds behind Breaking Bad — a show replete with unforgettable scenes — that’s saying something.

Saul’s really big problem (he was known as Jimmy McGill then), from what turned out to be a legal standpoint, was not so much that he chose to do the act at all, or even that his chosen target was the car of someone he was feuding with. All of that might well have been forgiven, forgotten, possibly even laughed off by local cops used to seeing far, far worse.

No, the nearly insurmountable issue here was that the man’s young kids were sitting inside the very vehicle upon which (or inside of which) Jimmy chose to express his, er… displeasure! Needless to say, the local D.A. took extreme exception to Jimmy’s ill-advised public display.

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Going by Saul’s seemingly sincere and apparently deeply remorseful admission (though with Saul, a consummate con man just like Donald Trump, one can never be sure), his “Chicago Sunroof” deeply traumatized the children — as well it might. I mean, if I was an intimate witness to (read: victim of) such an act, I might need therapy too.

Just imagine the view. You’re a child, in the back seat of daddy’s car, waiting for him to return. Motion catches your eye. A strange man climbs up on your car. He’s muttering and fuming and seems dangerous. Scary enough, right? Then he ascends to the roof and proceeds to do the…

Thing. Yeah, let’s call it that. He does the thing. You know, a Chicago Sunroof.

Yikes! Hell, we’re all a bit traumatized just envisioning Saul’s recounting of the event, much less actually witnessing it.

Our only consolation here is that it is not based on a real event, but instead emerged (ahem) from the twisted minds of Better Call Saul’s creators, show runners and chief writers, Vince Gilligan (creator the show which Saul spun off from, the inimitable Breaking Bad) and partner Peter Gould. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. ‘Cause the ol’ Chicago Sunroof may actually be based on fact…


Anyway, get the shirt, amuse your friends, shock your detractors and impress everyone with just how cool you are. If you liked this one, be sure to check out our Breaking Bad-themed shirts, too.

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