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FIRE and FURY t shirt - Donald Trump T Shirts Funny Political

Our Fire and Fury t shirt, the unique and stunning-looking anti Trump t shirt, has arrived! It’s a satirical, searing (pun intended) take down of Trump — and another triumph for Mann, our beloved if slightly insane design genius.

 Fire and Fury t shirt RedMicheal Wolfe’s new book of the same name set off a fire storm (pun intended) in Amerika’s corridors of power, and coast to coast, from Washington D.C. to San Francisco, New York City to Los Angeles — and everywhere in between. Well, except for in the “flyover states,” where Faux Newz is actually considered “fair and balanced.” As if. Ahem.

The book exposes the shocking incompetence and malfeasance running rampant in the White House, and Fire and Fury, the t shirt, symbolizes this slow-burning (pun intended) disaster for all the world to see. Wear it on your chest to alert the rubes (of which there are far too many in this land, but we digress…)!

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AAATEE’s Fire and Fury T Shirt – Harbinger of Things to Come?


Being current event mavens and ardent foes of the lying windbag in the White House, we felt it was our duty as both Muricans and Citizens of the (Ostensibly) Free World to do our part — and lob another blazing (pun intended) thought grenade at the mind and body politic with our own take on the subject — and take down of the subject. Thus, our Fire and Fury t shirt was born!

In fact, Mann envisions a parallel world not too far removed from our own, where the presidency is a reality TV show, and Donald J Trump is the villain and protagonist both. But waiting in the wings is his nemesis, Robert Mueller, who, though rarely seen and almost never heard, appears to hold the very cards that will determine the anti-hero president’s ultimate fate.

Given that Trump’s BFF is, by all appearances, Vladimir Putin — the dictator and strong man Donny Boy aspires to be — and the fact that indictments just came down from Mueller’s grand jury against 13 Russian nationals tied to a close Putin associate, we believe POTUS is really beginning to feel the heat (pun intended). Added to this unpleasantness (if you’re Donald, of course) is the fact that yet another campaign official and former West Wing staffer is, according to news reports, about to flip and turn state’s evidence.

Former Trump campaign manager and general, all-purpose sleazeball, Paul Manafort — personally hired by Trump — who is himself facing decades in prison, is going to be facing the testimony of his former partner, Richard Gates, who actually was with the Trump campaign beyond Manafort’s premature departure. Gates joins former Trump staffers Mike Flynn and George Papadopolous as witnesses for the government, and will presumably tell tales out of school which are “unflattering” to Trump.

In short, the fires are burning, the flames are sweeping ever closer to the White House and Donald J Trump — as oblivious and out of touch with reality as we know him to be — must surely be feeling the heat, despite his denials that anything is alight.  You can add fuel to the fire by getting our Fire and Fury t shirt today!

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