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zombie killer t shirt design graphic tee men women childrenWe’re big fans of The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Left for Dead and many other zombie movies, comics, games, etc. It’s why we’ve got some new, cool zombie shirts for sale on Amazon. We think they’re pretty badass designs, and we hope you’ll check ’em out — and BUY EM! After all, we ain’t doin’ this for our health. 😉

Zombies have become the bugaboo of our times, one of the few central reference points in an increasingly fragmented and Balkanized culture. Particularly if you’re under 50, you’ve grown up in a time with zombies, of one kind or another, being practically pandemic. Pun intended, and quite possibly a sly reference to politicians and “authority figures.” You decide.

This is the same group of people who have grown up cynical — with good reason. One must only look around with open eyes to understand that cynicism… Still, killing zombies is “good, clean, ‘All-American’ fun,” particularly from the safety of your gamer chair!

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Zombies — nameless, implacable, dead but not dead — are the embodiment of our modern fears and our most primordial, innate ones. They represent, on some level, the many forces working against us, coming at as from all different directions, over which we have no control. One of  those being death, of course. But like so many many things that can harm us, zombies are symbolic of all kinds of dangers. Sure, zombies can kill you right now! But a zombie’s bite ensures a slow, ugly, awful demise which naturally leaves one begging for death. Zombies, in some ways, represent the many risks to life and limb that make life so fragile.

All of us are mortal. All of us know death will come for us one day. All of us are living on borrowed time, whether we have comfy lives of material wealth — or are fighting a day-to-day war of survival in the zombie apocalypse. The zombie phenomenon is, IMHO, in part, a measure of the sum of all these fears working on a subconscious level.  The zombie t shirts for sale found herein are a measure of the phenomenon itself.

And from a cynic’s standpoint, zombies seem so much more likely and believable as monsters than the rest of that ilk. Nobody’s much impressed with the pro-forma monsters of yore we used to encounter in our various forms of entertainment.kill zombies t shirt graphic design gamer tee men women kids gamer gift cotton black red white many colors

Vampires? Old hat.

Werewolves? Ridiculous.

Frankenstein? Boring, done to death, and in any event, there’s only one of him and a lot more of us.

Ironically, it’s Frankenstein who’s closest to the modern era’s zombie. After all, he looks terrifying and was brought back from the dead. The big difference (despite appearances) is that ol’ Frankie is actually alive, while zombies only describe a semblance of life.

Now Watch Me Intellectualize Zombie Shirts for Sale

Zombies are cynical monsters for a cynical time.

I’m of the opinion that zombies are so popular, in part, because as Sartre said: “Hell is other people.” The monster most of us are afraid of these days is the psycho living down the block, the unseen and unknown terrorist (until it’s too late) or the out of control authority figure — not some nameless, horrific entity from beyond the grave, or space and time. We all have people we dislike, even hate, and folks “done us wrong” whom we can imagine braining with a barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat (perhaps like the lovely Lucille).

Zombies are the monsters of the collective id, the personification of our innate fear of “the other” — in this case, other human beings. And we love watching our heroes killing zombies, because on some fundamental level, we’d all love to do the same to certain people we can’t stand. If zombies represent — subconsciously, anyway — the people we despise, we identify with and relish the thought of dispatching them with wild abandon.

The Walking Dead has been one of the top TV shows for many years, and one of the most successful and popular of all time. It’s actually gone from hit TV show to cultural phenomenon — something very few shows ever achieve. I believe, in part, it’s because people love to be scared. So long as it’s from the comfort of their own homes. But I also believe it’s because, on a deep subconscious level, we all take a kind of vicarious thrill from the idea of ridding ourselves of those we loathe. It’s a kind of murder by proxy, safe for all because it’s “just make believe.”

Am I overthinking this? Yeah, probably. Am I full of shit? Maybe. What do you think? Leave a comment, dawg.

Our Newest Zombie Shirts for Sale on Etsy… and Our New Shopify Store (Right Here)!

zombie shirts for saleThe three zombie shirts for sale featured here are of particular appeal to “zombie gamers.” No, not actual zombies who play Xbox, but for folks who spend an inordinate amount of time slaying them on the platform. Or on Sony Playstation. Or online. Whatever. Which is many of us, I know. Ahem. And I’m all red-faced about it.

These are perfect shirts for gamers, zombie fans and those who plan to survive the onrushing zombie apocalypse (zombie preppers?). Anyway, you can check ’em out individually by clicking a button above, or see all of our shirts on Amazon by clicking below. Now, go BUY, BUY, BUY! 😉

NOTE: We’ll be adding these to our Etsy store soon enough. You’ll also find other zombie-related tees and other cool stuff over there. So check it out!

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